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Dragan Macura contributes an article to Coastal Grower on the role of soil microbes in agriculture. Click here to read more



Food Safety. All Agrothrive products are pathogen-free because they undergo pasteurization due to the high temperature PDP process. These days, when consumers are increasingly concerned about eating vegetables and fresh fruits contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, Lysteria or other pathogens, the high temperature treatment of PDP is a critical differentiating factor when farmers choose their organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

Plant Nutrition - Soil Health - Better Profits. All AgroThrive products contain a healthy balance of macro and micro nutrients. They feed the plants directly and indirectly by feeding the soil microbes. Soil microbes in turn convert additional nutrients to plant friendly ionic forms and further assist by helping balance soil Eco System. Soil microbes also develop symbiotic relationships with plants stimulating root growth and reducing plant stress leading to better resistance to disease. 

Faster Growth, Higher Yields. All PDP products, in addition to their full complement of balanced plant nutrition, contain a high concentration of soluble organic carbon that is needed for fast microbial growth in soil. Thus, within hours of application, the overall microbial activity of soil improves significantly as compared with other organic fertilizers. This in turn facilitates improved nutrient release and assimilation of nutrients by plants leading to accelerated plant growth.

Mode of Action. AgroThrive products elicit a very strong microbial activity in soil. Microbes help with the nutrient release and adsorption efficiency. As a result, young plants experience vigorous root growth that leads to better growth of foliage, leading to better disease resistance, and eventual better yields. Older plants benefit from the increased nutrient release and either experience better quality of the final products, or increased yields, or both. In other words, AgroThrive products contribute to a better bottom line for growers due to better quality, lower conventional fertilizer use, and/or less pesticide use in conventional management systems.


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